Emphasis on the Arctic in new Russian naval doctrine

Rob Huebert, associate professor at the University of Calgary and a senior research fellow with the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies, writes in the August 4, 2022, High North News – “Russia’s new 55-page naval doctrine places significant emphasis on the Arctic outlining the country’s priorities in the region and mentioning the Arctic across 22 pages.”

In a mirror image of the way US and NATO strategy documents identify Russia and China as security concerns in the Arctic, the Russian document similarly classifies the US and NATO. Of particular note is a comment by Dmitry Litovkin, editor-in-chief of the TASS magazine Military-Technical Cooperation: “The Ministry of Defense is building an icebreaking fleet, and these are not just icebreakers that will be engaged in port activities, they have an “open stern” principle, respectively, a helicopter can be landed on this stern, or a sea container can be placed, which will contain cruise missiles, torpedo launchers and other weapons,”