Month: August 2022

  • Biden elevates Arctic policy with Ambassador-at-Large

    On August 26, 2022, President Biden moved Arctic policy higher on the national agenda with the announcement of a new ambassador-at-large position for the Arctic region: “The Ambassador-at-Large for the Arctic Region will advance U.S. policy in the Arctic, engage with counterparts in Arctic and non-Arctic nations as well as Indigenous groups, and work closely with domestic […]

  • Arctic Chiefs of Defence Forum convenes for the first time since 2014

    On hiatus since Russia’s 2014 invasion of Crimea, the Arctic Chiefs of Defense Forum – less Russia – convened in St. John’s, Canada, on August 8, to discuss cooperation among the nations. Russia indicated in January it wanted to resume these meetings after assuming its second two-year chair of the Arctic Council last year. This was short-circuited by […]

  • Emphasis on the Arctic in new Russian naval doctrine

    Rob Huebert, associate professor at the University of Calgary and a senior research fellow with the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies, writes in the August 4, 2022, High North News – “Russia’s new 55-page naval doctrine places significant emphasis on the Arctic outlining the country’s priorities in the region and mentioning the Arctic across 22 pages.” In a […]

  • Coast Guard hosts senior Arctic leader orientation visit

    Coast Guard Hosts Senior Leader Arctic Orientation Visit to Strengthen Partnerships in the Arctic, by Homeland Security Today, July 28, 2022. “The Coast Guard 17th District, and Sector Anchorage hosted visitors from Washington, D.C., in Anchorage, Alaska, July 18-19, 2022, to improve unity of effort in the region. The two-day tour provided policy makers and […]

  • Murkowski to introduce bill aimed at boosting US influence in the Arctic

    August 3, 2022 – Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski introduced a “comprehensive Arctic bill [focused] on national security, research, shipping, and trade… It requires reports on eliminating Russia’s monopoly on Arctic shipping and establishing a permanent U.S. maritime presence in the Arctic. It calls for investments in deepwater Arctic ports and improves coordination among federal agencies on Arctic […]

  • Army tackles Arctic challenges alongside European allies

    Army Tackles Arctic Challenges Alongside European Allies, by Mikayla Easley, August 2, 2022 in National Defense Magazine. The author covers the renewed emphasis on Arctic operations by the US Army, including the Army’s 2021 strategy document, Regaining Arctic Dominance: The US Army in the Arctic. During a discussion of Army strategy at a recent defense defense exhibition […]

  • Satellite images show huge Russian military buildup in the Arctic

    Satellite Images Show Huge Russian Military Buildup in the Arctic, by Nick Walsh, CNN, April 5, 2021: “Russia is amassing unprecedented military might in the Arctic and testing its newest weapons in a region freshly ice-free due to the climate emergency, in a bid to secure its northern coast and open up a key shipping […]